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Missing niece

My niece Desiree Stoddart is currently missing in Gallup NM if anyone sees or hears from her please contact us as soon as possible 725-230-4729 or 725-230-4785 or Nola Lefferts at 775-253-4252 She was last seen getting into an unknown truck in Gallup. We are worried and want her found […]

Question on patch

Non Mc , no Mc Patch or MM PATCH can this be worn in Arizona? Christian Group ? Please let me know ? Thank You



While so many people are focused the race for the White House, there were hundreds of down ticket races that impact motorcyclists on a daily basis. Before I get into the results, I wanted to share a humorous statistic with you. In Maricopa County over 10,000 voters wrote in a […]


Confederation Lobbiest

As the new lobbyist for the Arizona Confederation of Motorcycle Clubs, one of the items is profiling. We are always told not to profile anybody on their race, religion, sexual orientation. I think that should also apply to members of motorcycle community. This hit me hard one day as I […]

2019 Calendar and Submitting Events

Happy New Year! Okay it may be a little too early to be shouting that, but 2018 will be coming to a close shortly. Now through December recurring events (open houses, bike nights, etc.) will be extended through 2019. Please review your clubs’ current event listings, If you need your recurring event […]


Reality is:

Reality is: In 1890 Louis Brandeis a Harvard legal professor wrote: “The right most valued by all civilized men is the right to be left alone.” “If we desire respect for the law, we must first make the law respectable.” “The only title in our democracy superior to that of […]


How to Help End Motorcycle Profiling In America

This from motorcycle profiling project. Please consider taking time to contacting your national and state legislators about the unconstitutional discrimination that continues to occure to us in the MC community. Thank you How to Help End Motorcycle Profiling In America If you believe that motorcycle profiling by law enforcement agencies […]

Party for Vic

After the ACMC meeting tomorrow, there will be a memorial for Vic Grady at his house, 2328 W Village Drive. Vic was a Marine for more than two decades. He spent his last years as a member of ABATE of Arizona in various positions. He has helped with many motorcycle […]


Defining the AZ Defenders purpose

AZ Defenders Program Who we are The AZ Defenders is a grass roots manpower movement established from every motorcyclist from all walks of life. Composed of State by State confederation of Clubs, the Coalition of Independent Riders (CHOIR) and other representatives, the US Defenders work in solidarity for the common […]